1. What oracle does Aurigami use?

    Aurigami's oracle system relies on prices from Chainlink's Ethereum feeds (relayed to Aurora) and Flux's onchain oracles. A key consideration for the system is to optimize for the gas consumption on Aurora, which enables us to support more assets.

  2. Why I can’t borrow against $AURORA and $TRI?

    $TRI and $AURORA are not enabled as collateral on Aurigami yet. We are working on it and will announce it when we are ready.

  3. For positive borrow APY, does it mean I’m getting paid for borrowing?

    No, positive borrow APY means you are paying for your borrowing.

    In some unique scenarios, such as during Rewards Boosting campaign, you might see negative borrow APY, which means you are getting paid for borrowing!

  4. For positive deposit APY, does it mean I’m getting paid for lending?

    Yes, positive deposit APY means you are getting paid for lending your assets. Similar to how you get deposit interest from depositing money with commercial banks.

  5. How can I get my yield/interest from deposit APY?

    The yield/interest is earned in the asset you deposit. It is reflected in your deposit balance. And you can withdraw it like how you withdraw your deposit.

  6. How do I pay my interest for borrow APY?

    The interest is paid in the asset you borrow. It is reflected in your borrow balance. And you can pay interest like how you repay your borrow.

  7. What’s the APY from PLY liquidity mining?

    We don’t know about the APY from PLY mining yet as PLY has not been issued, so there is no PLY token price for the APY calculation.

  8. Is the protocol audited? Any public audit reports?

    Yes, the protocol is audited by three independent auditors. We will share more details about the audit soon.


  1. When does the premine end? And when can I claim PLY?

    The premine was launched on Mar. 2 and was expected to run for at least 4 weeks. You should be able to start claiming your PLY shortly after the end of the premine.

    We have several exciting news line up about the next steps. Stay tuned.

  2. What’s PULP? How can I learn more?

    We are introducing an innovative two-token system consisting of PLY and PULP to align community members’ interests with Aurigami’s success. We will share more details soon.


  1. When can I get my $NEAR and $META rewards?

    You will be able to see and claim your $NEAR and $META rewards on the app page in a few weeks.


  1. I love the project and want to invest in it, what can I do? Is there any token sale event?

    We are currently working with several platforms for our IDO/IEO event in May. Be sure to join our Discord community and check the #Announcement channel for the most updated news.

  2. I want to explore collaboration with the team. How do I get in touch?

    Sweet! Feel free to join our Discord community and drop a message in our collaboration-and-partnerships channel.

  3. I tried your test net version and provided feedback, do I get any reward?

    We are really thankful for your help. Unfortunately, there is no reward or airdrop for the test net users.

  4. How do I get the 3-PLY role?

    The 3-PLY role is reserved for active and supportive community members. We will reach out to you if we find you are a good fit.

Key Terms

  1. 3 PLY

    Refers to our strongest supporters who are proactive in contributing to our community. 3 PLY members are our OGs that enjoy special privileges.

  2. Folding

    Refers to users who repeat the cycle of Borrowing and Depositing in order to maximize the effect of looping. This allows users to maximize their liquidity mining efforts and mine more PLY!

  3. Whitelist

    Refers to wallet addresses that are qualified for events/rewards as they satisfy certain conditions that are pre-set.

  4. Liquidation

    Deposited assets are liquidated when the utilization rate increases beyond 100%. It happens when the dollar amount of borrowing is larger than the dollar amount of deposits. Therefore, the protocol has to liquidate deposits to ensure that other depositors are not negatively impacted.

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